Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tiered cakes (Including wedding cakes)

Wedding cakes

 Display cake for fair entry

 Small wedding cake with sugar lilies

Birthday and other tiered cakes

 Another Euchre themed cake for school fundraiser

 Another Winter Sports Assembly cake
This cake was designed to recognize all players and coaches.

 Birthday cake designed to match party plates.
(Cookie bouquet centerpieces also designed to match)

 Beach themed party cake

 Another cake featuring our daughter's favorite characters

Graduation cake
Graduate had enlisted and was soon headed off to Basic Training.
Besides the military, she also loved giraffes.  I was asked to combine the two.
Both prints were hand painted on the cake.

 Tiered Birthday cake.  Shells, including the topper are white chocolate.

 Horse themed cake
The horses are hand piped from chocolate.

 First birthday cake for our youngest
Matching smash cake in background for the birthday girl!

 The entire cake was designed around the beautiful ribbon we made into a topper.
Design inspiration can come from anywhere!

First tiered cake I ever made, it was for my mom's birthday!

 Graduation cake for a special student teacher at my daughter's school.
Figure on top resembles the graduate, and made a special keepsake.

 Topsy-Turvy birthday cake.
The design was inspired from the scrapbook paper used to cover the cake board.


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