Thursday, November 10, 2011

Custom 3-D and Sculpted Cakes

These are my favorite type of cakes to make!
Generally speaking, no two are alike.

 One of my all-time favorites.
While looking through a coloring book, my daughter pointed to a picture and said, 
"I want my birthday cake to look like THIS, mom!"
Well, here it is!

 Same daughter, this time requesting her cake look like a pillow she really wanted for her birthday.

 Sculpted cake for a special boy's 8th Birthday.

Sculpted cake for a birthday girl who requested her cake look like her skates.

 Cake for another daughter's birthday, celebrating 15 years (and obviously loves chocolate)

 This cake was for the same daughter who requested the Dumbo cake.  This time, while planning her Halloween themed party, she tells me, "Mom it would be so cool if my cake looked like a Jack-O-Lantern!"
Me, "Okay, I'll do my best"
"Oh, and mom...Jack-O-Lanterns light up!"
As you wish, Sarah!

 Battery operated LED lights are now kept in my "Misc. Cake Decorating Tools" bin.

Cake for a chef themed party.  
The kids all made their own pizzas and used piping bags to decorate their own cupcakes to take home as party favors.

 Cake for my Mother-in-law, who is rarely seen without a bottle of Pepsi in her hand.  ;)

 Sculpted cake for my brother, who had recently caught a trophy Walleye, and was waiting for it to be mounted.

 One of the few cakes I've made twice.  Great for Med. School Graduates!

 Made for my favorite doctor!

Based (somewhat loosely) on a Colette Peters' cake my daughter fell in love with.

 Cake made to match the journal of one of my daughters.

 70th Birthday cake, sculpted and designed to look like recipient's golf bag.  
Also see the matching golf themed cookies for this party.

 Sculpted, 3-D tackle box cake.

 Sculpted centerpiece cake.
Poem used with permission from

Cake for my husband's birthday.
Our girls helped design the cake.

 Yet another cake for one of our daughter's birthday.  
It was a pop-up version of her favorite bedtime story at that time.
(Everything was edible, although we chose to keep the animals)

 Another favorite cake!
Cake was made to match the graduate's Dodge Ram truck.

 I took pictures of the entire process, just in case I wanted to put a tutorial together at some point.

 3-D Sports Bag cake for another Sports Assembly

Cake for one of my daughters birthday.  She is obviously a huge Stephanie Meyer fan.

 Garden cake for Teacher Appreciation Week

 Basket cake

 This is another favorite!  
It was was my first Fair entry, and based on one of my daughter's favorite books and shows.
The figure in bed resembles my daughter.  
We were so excited to see it not only received a blue ribbon, but a Best of Show as well!
 Tea Party cake for one daughter's Birthday

Close-up of table details

I thought it may be fun to include some earlier cakes that I made for my girls.   
(Back when I felt limited to character pans and star tips.)
The girls loved them just the same though!  

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