Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sheet Cakes and rounds, not so commonly decorated!

Although these may be sheet cakes, they are not of the grocery store variety.

 Cake for school's Fall Sports Assembly

 Perfect 10 cake for our gymnast!
The leotard even matches hers.

 Basketball Cake
Figure is made to resemble recipient (and can be saved...or eaten)

 Brown Swiss Cow cake with John Deer frosting colors.

 Euchre themed cake for school's fundraiser.

Close up of details on cake tables.  Everything is edible!

 Shared Birthday cake for cousins from rival schools.

 Cake for school Winter Sports Assembly.

 Cake for a 10 yr old showing how she has grown each year!

Frozen butter cream transfer.

 Cake for classroom "chocolate party"
Yes, the weight is accurate.  :)

 Graduation cake featuring the graduates 4-wheeler.

Close-up of 4-wheeler
Everything but the handlebars are edible!


Summer Vacation cake for school staff party.
The shells and Adirondack chair are white chocolate. 

Baby shower cake made to match nursery bedding set (inset photo)
Cookie designs on top were also used as favors (see cookie favors)

Cake for Kiwanis Builders Club Group

More commonly decorated birthday cake.

Just for fun!

...and this one too!

Okay...the following are more grocery store-esque...

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